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Koreana Bali Film Video

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Download Koreana Bali Film Video. Koreana Bali, you may be confused with that title. Koreana Bali is a form of film-length 22-minute video, the film appeared after the Bali shocked with Cowboys In Paradise Gigolo Bali. Koreana Bali allegedly is a movie or a personal video of someone who has long been made, namely in the year 2003. Koreana Bali film starring a woman flawless, in the first scene of a woman demonstrating the beauty of his body as she drank beer.

Then followed a scene of sex with a foreigner or a Western, this film is pure porn. The scene was allegedly held at a hotel in Kuta beach, complete act of intercourse, the woman said “welcome to heaven”, smiling into the camera. Police are currently hunting these filmmakers Koreana Bali. This is of course damage the image or good name internationally as bali resorts overseas.

Download Koreana Bali Film Video Movie


Koreana Bali Movie. Koreana film, this film is outstanding following the earlier film about the world-Eshek Eshek Cowboys in Paradise also had horrendous Bali. Although mention has long been outstanding but the film was re-bloom Koreana circulated in the form of pieces of VCD in Bali, and from existing footage in the film is making filming took place in Kuta Beach.

Koreana film is far more vulgar if compared with the Cowboys in Paradise a shooting involving a child's Kuta beach. Because, Koreana showing a sex scene between actors Indonesia faced woman and a man Caucasian.

Because the duration of 22 minutes of video that was circulated widely in the community, Bali Police also intervened to find out who disseminate a video made around 2003's. "We will investigate and track who the perpetrator is spreading to the internet or in softcopy form, DVD, and so forth," said Head of Bali Police Commissioner of Public Relation of Large Gede Putra Dwi Sugianyar Bali Police office, Thursday (6 / 5).

Koreana films made by amateurs with only using his handycam and angle seem arbitrary, unlike commercial films in general. So far the new Bali Police identified the role of women who come from Indonesia, but still
existence because of difficulty finding this video was made about seven years ago.

Bali Police confirm role of women in porn videos are Indonesian women, instead of Korea as it appears in the title of the film. "It's not Korean, but the people of Indonesia. The physical and language, he even wore dirty Java language," said Sugianyar.

In an opening scene of the movie, these women had time to chat with hawkers Kuta Beach. In these scenes she Java language fluently, among others, said Iyo and inggih, which means yes in the Indonesian language.

Bali Police are still studying the possibility of certain parties who want to take advantage of the situation after a splashy movie Cowboys in Paradis.

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Sedang ku ber"Mafia Wars" Facebook, dan sambil menunggu Energy naik beberapa lagi untuk job, ku teringat tentang satu berita dalam surat kabar berkenaan video yang diterbitkan di bali. Video itu timbul selepas terbongkarnya aktiviti gigolo pantai warga tempatan yang berleluasa di Pusat Peranginan Bali. Tajuk documentari tersebut adalah 'Cowboys in Paradise'... Wow...!!

Jadi ku cuba risik risik dengan En. Google jika dia punya information tentang ini. Jawapannya amat mengejutkan, sungguh banyak yang En. Google tahu sehinggakan ku tidak tahu untuk memilih yang mana satu. Artikel diatas antara yang ku rasa mampu menerangkan serba sedikit tentang video Koreana itu. Yang paling hebat, ia menyediakan perkhidmatan muat turun percuma bagi yang cepat.

Ku nasihatkan agar anda tidak terlalu gairah untuk memuat turun. kerana dibawah ni ku dah sediakan serba sedikit video yang telah diambil dari lama video streaming popular untuk tatapan anda... Selamat menonton

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