Sunday, April 20

Weezer - Pork and Beans

New Single from Weezer is out now...


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Thursday, April 17

Amir... What he could be...??

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Probably be a sound engineer... Or IR could be better

This is not good...

His new model look...

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Saturday, April 12

Back with new tuuuttt....!!

It's been 2 months since I've started to play Dope War in Facebook which the main reason why it left without any updated. My update would be...

"Just adding DS-1 to my setting..."

Hoho... Nak bangga ni!! This is a few commitment to my band which currently working on something... My friend and i were planning make our 2nd demo which slowly progress...!! [Work, work, work... Wonder when will i wake up in morning, there we're 10 million ready in my bank account... ] Am i dreaming to much... SHIT!! I have almost 2 Trillion in Dope War which i can't convert it to real life... Dream again!!

I still remember how hard we were trying to record our previous demo... As hard as me who wants to park a car before heading to studio. I Drove Kancil Hijau CAX that time... Songs were recorded at Nada Studio [Well Known Studio] and we done mind to spend atmost RM300 per person in order to fulfill our tuuuuttt... WTF..!! And we were Jengka student at that time with no Biasiswa or pinjaman PTPTN... Only received FAMA allowance!!

"Image, if we could've be together, I'll promise that I be with you forever...!!"

ALIA, that was from Haidi... One of our contributor...!!

There a lot to be tell, but time is running out... What a good old days...!!

Now, we can't have it again, time change, people change, road change, but my interest remain the same...!! This would be a long time project and targeted to be finished by the end of year... We have slightly problem in search for replacement drummer [but i still prefer Salihin... Hehehe!!] and also our new bassist is pregnant [Eerrkk...!! :-*]

I'm Out now... Till then

p/s: Image was taken from Fotopages which I have deleted the link... Sorry for that!!

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