Friday, October 17

Which one you prefer...??

Please make your Choice...!!

1. In sweet smile...


2. In a bit sour....

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Monday, October 13

My Holiday

I have started my off day at 30th oct, last day of Ramadhan, we, me, my wife and Amir doing our last preparation to celebrate Hari Raya...

1st of Syawal...
Wake up so late and though i was really really late for prayer, then realise than Solat Hari Raya started at 9am...!! Fuhh!!

I was celebrate raya at Alor Setar at my wife home town. For 1st day raya, we don't go anywahere accept stayed at home and wait if saudara of kawan kawan come for visiting...!!

From Left: Shima Rizal Amir

Not whole but Still Meriah

Behind from left: Israr, Apak, At, Acik, Lob, Rizal
Sitting from left: Tok, Cik, Mak, Shima, Asiah
Most infront: Amir

We also spent our morning by visiting Istana Anak Bukit. There's a jamuan for rakyat there every Aidilfitri and Aidiladha... We don't have attention to eat but to ronda ronda dalam Istana...!!

Roving in Palace: Sit for awhile

At Regency Hotel, before heading to Israr's house

2nd of Syawal...
We're having a BBQ, Satay...!! I mean home made Satay marinated by ?? and cucuk by eerrkk...!!

Satay in Process

BBQ Session...

3rd of Syawal...
When to Ashraf / Syahnin house at Jitra...

4th of Syawal...
When back tu Kuala Lumpur

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Saturday, October 11

Sony PS2 For Sale....

I'm helping a friend...

Slim original set
, 2
original Controller, 10+games free, 1 bag, 1 fan, 1x 8MB memory card, stand, cleaner memory card (limited) and more . No scratch.

Reason for Selling = Upgrade to PSP.

Only RM500 get all...
Malaysian Only...!!

You can directly deal with the owner at His Blog or email him at /

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